Grow in Relationship

Connect to Your Family Through Community

We know that by gathering with people in community, you’ll begin to deepen your faith as you serve and grow together. A great way to connect is through our Rooted Experience–a 10-week study where you dive deeper into relationship with God and your purpose. From there connect with groups and ministry areas to continue following Jesus, meet new friends, serve our church and community, and take part in events.

Small Groups

Small groups exist for the purpose of becoming deeply connected into close community. More than a study, we engage in groups to support one another as we participate in living out the life of a disciple of Jesus, which is accomplished through vulnerability and accountability before God and a small group of others.

Serve Your Church

Our lives have been inspired by God’s love, grace, and hope. God promises to breath life into our relationship with Him when we step out and step up, which is why we encourage our church family to find ways to live out their faith.