Our Leadership Structure

Presently, a long-standing leadership team called The Advisory Team leads and governs Connections Christian Church. They are responsible for the spiritual, financial, and community health of the church family and for managing all legal/business matters. They employ the Lead Pastor who, in turn, leads and directs the staff to realize the vision for our church: to make discipleship a way of life for every one of us. Members of that team are: Stephanie Padilla, Nathan Clark, Stacey Greathouse, Miranda McCutchen, Matt Brown, Amy Johnson, and Loie Rohrbacker. In September of 2020 this team will dissolve and be replaced by a newly seated Eldership.

Board of Elders

Since making the decision to launch as Connections Christian Church in late 2018, the Advisory Team has been engaged in a thorough, lengthy, and intense study of Scripture to lay a solid Biblical foundation for our leadership structure, including a Board of Elders who will oversee the affairs of the church.

Our desire was to present our findings to the church in-person in May of 2020 but, due to current limitations on the size of gatherings due to COVID-19, we are doing the next best thing and making our determinations available online.

We are pleased to present the Definition of the Roles, Responsibilities, and Qualifications for Elders in written form here. We encourage our church family to thoroughly read this document – both the summary and the detailed definitions included – and pray through it, then reach out to us with questions and comments. Those can be directed to the entire Advisory Team by emailing [email protected].

You are invited to attend an information meeting on Monday, June 15 at 7 pm at the Connecting Place (1011 S Jay Ave, Johnstown) to hear a more detailed presentation of the Biblical Elder role and description of the process of nominating, interviewing, and appointing our first Board of Elders. We are limited by State Department of Health restrictions to 40 attendees so please RSVP to [email protected] to reserve your spot. Those who do not want to gather in person, or those who RSVP after we’ve reached our maximum attendance, can watch the presentation online on Facebook or this webpage that evening.

One area we will be covering that evening is our conclusion regarding women in church leadership. In order to effectively describe the months-long process we went through before arriving at our conclusion we’ve created a Position Statement on Gender and Church Leadership that we encourage you to review prior to the meeting.

As always, please be praying for this entire process, asking God to reveal who He’s selected as the next leaders of Connections Christian Church. If you have questions, please email [email protected] and if you are led to nominate one or more people for this role (including yourself) please use the form to the right to do so.

Elder Information Meeting

Transition Timeline

Transitioning from our current Advisory Team to a Board of Elders will take place under the following timeline:

May 2020 – presentation of the definition of Elders

June 2020 – invitation to the church family for nominations for prospective Elders
Right-click & chose ‘save link as’ to download the nomination form.

July 2020 – interview and examination of Elder nominees; determination of Elder appointees

August 2020 – presentation of Elder appointees to the church family; affirmation of appointment by the church family

September 2020 – commissioning ceremony for appointed and affirmed Elders; seating of the Board of Elders


The Board of Elders will govern the affairs of the church under the authority of Jesus Christ and the direction specified in the Bylaws of our church. These Bylaws describe the leadership structure,  decision-making processes, and communication to the church family. Please direct any questions about these Bylaws to our team via email at [email protected]