Our Leadership Structure

The Advisory Team leads and governs Connections Christian Church. They are responsible for the spiritual, financial, and community health of the church family and for managing all legal/business matters. They employ the Lead Pastor who, in turn, leads and directs the staff to realize the vision for our church: to make discipleship a way of life for every one of us. In September of 2020 this team will dissolve and be replaced by the newly seated Eldership.


As we continue to make our way through our first year, our focus has shifted to laying the Biblical foundation of our leadership structure. Over the next several months our team and ministerial staff will be conducting an extensive study of scripture to determine the roles, responsibilities, expectations, and qualifications of elders. 

At the conclusion of that study we will communicate these to the church family and then open the opportunity for nominations for elders. Our goal is to seat an elder board by September 2020.


As part of our preparation for independence, we developed Bylaws that describe our leadership structure, decision-making process, and communication to the church family. We encourage you to review these bylaws and direct any questions to our team via email at [email protected]


Below you can find the monthly transition updates that we published early in 2019. It also includes our most recent update describing our work for the next several months.

March 2019 Update
April 2019 Update
May 2019 Update
June 2019 Update