Our Leadership Structure

Presently, a long-standing leadership team called The Advisory Team leads and governs Connections Christian Church. They are responsible for the spiritual, financial, and community health of the church family and for managing all legal/business matters. They employ the Lead Pastor who, in turn, leads and directs the staff to realize the vision for our church: to make discipleship a way of life for every one of us. Members of that team are: Stephanie Padilla, Nathan Clark, Stacey Greathouse, Miranda McCutchen, Matt Brown, Amy Johnson, and Loie Rohrbacker. In September of 2020 this team will dissolve and be replaced by a newly seated Eldership.

Transition from Advisory Team to the Board of Elders

After years of faithful service and leadership, including successfully leading our transition to a fully independent church, the Advisory Team completed the process for appointing the first-ever Board of Elders for our church in September 2020! The Board of Elders has now assume the leadership of the church. You can find more information about the Board of Elders here.