To let the Gospel Drive their daily rhythms, their conversations, and their relationships.


With the knowledge necessary to understand their students’ current and next phase of life. To help parents overcome the barriers that exist in every stage that make daily faith moments seem impossible.



To live out their faith in a practical and proactive way. 

Family Environments

Family Fun Night

These are designed to inspire families to build community with one another through fun, faith-based activities. Through these activities, families are given examples of faith experiences they can replicate in their own homes.



Phase of Life

How do I teach my toddler about God’s love? How can I share God’s truths about gender identity with my teenager in a way that won’t ignite an argument? Through every phase of life our kids encounter different issues. We want to equip parents with the tools necessary to navigate each phase of life in a way that allows them to speak God’s truth with grace and love


Family Camp

Nothing is more powerful than a family living with a united mission! At family camp, families of all shapes and sizes will be given the opportunity to rest, to grow, and then to go back into their community with a fresh mission. Mark your calendars! Join us for our next family camp March 27th – March 29th, 2020. Registration is now open! Contact Ryan for more details [email protected]

We Serve Events

Serving as a family is a way to model and cultivate faith that your kids will replicate. It teaches them to be proactive with their faith in a faith culture that is often reactive. We Serve events motivate families with practical opportunities to serve in their church and community.

Inspiring, equipping, and motivating families in their discipleship journey.



Parent Connect is designed to help parents stay engaged with each of our phase of life ministries. Parent Connect contains useful dates, contact information and articles that provide creative faith conversation starters for the each month.

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