Jesus spoke about money and possessions more than any other topic except for the Kingdom of God. He sought to have us understand the risks and benefits, the blessings and the temptations that come with stewarding God’s resources. Because our church family chooses to invest and sustain the ministry of Connections Christian Church, and because our leadership holds to the highest standards of responsibility and accountability, we strive to be transparent with the financial status and decisions of our church.

The information below is in summary form to communicate the ‘big picture’, however, any member of the church family is invited and encouraged to schedule a time to sit down with the Lead Pastor (Steve McCarthy) and the Treasurer (John Soricelli) and go through the financial details. The only details that will not be shared are individual wages of staff members and individual contributions by family members.

Please contact the office (970-660-4078) or the Elders ([email protected]) to schedule a time to ask financial questions.

Ministry Plans

Our Ministry Year begin Septemer 1 and goes through August 31. Prior to each year the church family is presented with a minsitry plan and associated financial requirements for the plan. Over the month of August the church family has the opportunity to examine the plan and finances and ask clarifying questions of the staff and Advisory Team. At the end of August a famil vote is held to affirm the plan and state commitment to financially supporting the plan. This commitment is anonymous but helps the staff and Advisory Team confidently implement the plan.

The 2021 Ministry Plan (approved in September of 2020) is provided for your reference.


Below you can find periodic financial reports that summarize the financial operations of the church. More detail can be provided to answer specific questions you may have.

Fiscal 2020 Full-year Summary (Sept 2019 – Aug 2020)
Fiscal 2021 1st Trimester Summary (Sept 2020 – Dec 2020)
Fiscal 2021 2nd Quarter Summary (Sept 2020 – Feb 2021)