Learn and Discover God’s Grace

Family! It’s a value to you and it is one of the highest values here at Connections. We provide fun and interactive environments where kids discover, grow in, and live out God’s grace. Each week kids are guided on an exciting journey through the Bible and our curriculum  by loving ministry partners.

Our mission is to partner with parents by supporting, encouraging, and equipping them with tools and resources to help them in their God given role of spiritual leader. By joining families on their discipleship journey, we aid in helping children discover Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him. The best part is that the adventure starts at home! Through our Big Picture Cards and the weekly handout, parents are better equipped to take the lead on the Bible lesson and discussion at home. Our desire is to see families learning and growing together.

Big Picture Cards

Big Picture Cards are designed for families to use at home, to begin “digging” into the weekly lesson together. Families are encouraged to read the scripture each week and spend time talking over the main point, the Big Picture Question, and how it is all connected to Christ. The card serves as a guide for your discussions.

LifeKids Motion

LifeKids Motion provides children an opportunity to move in their faith, to be actively growing in their relationship with God, and to build closer friendships with each other. Motion also allows kids to change position in their homes, schools, and the community through different service projects. Events take place throughout the year.

Family Fun Night

Family Fun Nights are designed to engage intergenerational fun and spiritual growth. Join us for a night of fun and activities to create a memorable faith-focused night with your family. Families of all ages are encouraged to join us!

We desire to see your children love God with all their heart, all their soul, all their mind, and all their strength.


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