The Foundation of Faith

Connections Christian Church continues to grow and receive God’s blessing as we pursue our vision. With live music, practical teaching, and programming for children and students, you’ll find a welcoming place that is centered around God’s grace and stands on a long legacy of faithfulness in Northern Colorado

LifeBridge Johnstown-Milliken

We began in 2006 as a campus of LifeBridge Christian Church – an independent church that began in Lngmont Colorado in 1891. Early in 2012 we added the Connecting Place, which is a mid-week and office space. While we launched with services at Pioneer Ridge Elementary School, we moved services to Roosevelt High School in June 2014 to better accommodate growth. In July of 2019 we launched as an fully independent, locally-led church and renamed ourselves Connections Christian Church. Our purpose is to help people who connect with our community, God’s Kingdom, and their calling.

The LifeBridge Legacy

1889-1891: Stepping Out in Faith

In 1889, a small group began meeting to study the Bible and pray for their friends and eventually took action to become one of the first churches in Longmont on July 5, 1891.

1892-1894: Growing Beyond the Walls

This little church, which eventually became First Christian Church, began to grow. In 1894, a building was built in downtown Longmont for their first home.

1903: The Little White Church

For 63 years, a little white church on the corner of Sixth and Coffman streets was home to those devoted Christians.

1936: Planning Begins

With a heart to serve the community and a desire to reach lost people, First Christian Church once again outgrew its facilities. The leadership began to plan for a larger building.

1965: First Christian At Sixth & Coffman

In 1965, a new church building was constructed. Throughout the years, additions and upgrades were made at Sixth and Coffman streets on the land acquired years earlier.

1991: First Christian Moves to Highway 66

Having grown beyond the city block on Coffman Street, First Christian sought relocation. They moved to their current location on Highway 66 in 1991 as Rick Rusaw joined as Lead Pastor.

1995: Becoming Externally Focused

Growth once again necessitated additions to the building in 1995 and they began their transition from being primarily an ‘attractional’ church to an externally focused church.

1999: A Name Change

In 1999, First Christian Church changed their name to LifeBridge Christian Church.

2006: Moving North With a New Campus

In the fall of 2006, a campus was launched in the Johnstown area to offer great experiences, a connection to God, and resources from a large church.

2012: Reaching The Latino Community

LifeBridge launched the Puente de Vida campus in southeast Longmont to expand its focus to the Spanish speaking community.

We have a rich history of helping people discover a growing relationship with Jesus. From the humble beginnings of LifeBridge in 1889, through the humble transition to Connections we continue to be fortunate enough to be part of a church family who care about people and our community, not just how many show up in services each weekend. We are a church that is grateful for the opportunities God has given us to care about people, care for our community, and care for each other. All of this gets expressed when we take the challenge of connecting with our community, God’s Kingdom, and our calling.