Connecting people to the Community,
God’s Kingdom, and their Calling

Every year the staff and leadership of our church develop a comprehensive plan for our ministry efforts for the upcoming year. Our 2021 Ministry Plan presents the ‘big-picture’ goals and expectations and associated finances for your review, prayer, feedback, and commitment. We encourage you to review this plan summary and contact our staff if you desire greater detail or to get answers to questions.

Goals for 2021

Increase emphasis on individual and family discipleship

  • Equip parents/grandparents for spiritual influence in specific phases of life
  • Equip the family to share their faith with non-believers
  • Expand LifeGroup facilitator training and LifeGroup opportunities
  • Expand Marriage Enrichment/Enhancement opportunities

Deepen existing relationships to increase our community impact

  • Expand school mentoring programs to all grade levels
  • Deepen missional partnerships to strengthen families
  • Develop new programs to address specific community needs

Ways to Invest

There are four primary ways you can invest in the 2021 Ministry Plan

  • Pray for God’s provision and blessing on all our ministry efforts
  • Prayerfully consider joining a Ministry Team (email [email protected])
  • Evaluate your financial stewardship and seek God’s guidance on your financial partnership with Connections
  • Examine your own discipleship and commit to participating in opportunities to grow spiritually in the next year


Thank you for your faithfulness!

To all who invest financially in the Connections ministries, thank you so much for staying faithful to your commitment – even through a global pandemic! We are blessed to not only continue ministry but to expand it in the midst of COVID-19. Moving forward into 2021 we believe our plans to grow ministry will require additional financial resources over last year’s budgeted contributions. However, the growth is in line with the ACTUAL contributions in 2020, meaning that God has already faithfully provided what we need through your stewardship and investment. The table below shows the anticipated growth relative to last year’s budget for each ministry area.

For those in our church family who are NOT currently contributing, we encourage you to consider this important aspect of your discipleship. “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously and He will give you everything you need.” (Matthew 6:33, NLT) was Jesus’ encouragement in all areas, including our finances. Trusting God enough to take this step of obedience (the dollar amount being irrelevant) can bless and enhance your relationship with Him in ways you can’t imagine. Visit our Giving page to find out how to begin.

2021 Financial Plan

Ministry Area
FY 2021
$ Inc
General Operations $145,500 $550 4%
Student Ministry $84,600 $11,850 16%
KidMin $59,500 $3,500 6%
Worship $45,300 $300 1%
Adult Ministry $42,250 $2,750 7%
Facility $31,250 $0 0%
Missions/Community $18,600 $5,600 43%
Benevolence $,4400 $400 10%
Leadership Development $4,900 $4,900 100%
Total Expenses